About AB&E

Mission statement: AB&E Warehouse Inc. exists to provide a personal buying experience for most associated paint, body, and equipment products at fair market pricing coupled with unbeatable customer service.

AB&E offers a vast selection of associated products from the diverse paint and body industry.  Our goal is to distribute these products in a timely fashion, all the while providing helpful and courteous service. 

As is evident, the PB&E industry is a competitive market with diverse products and equipment. Many factors determine the success and / or failure of an automotive paint provider.  AB&E understands and prepares for the challenges of a vacillating market aiming to assist the customer in various situations.

Form of ownership: AB&E is a family owned and operated business incorporated in 1986.

Company history: AB&E has been in business for over 29 years.  Beginning in the back of John McGinnis’ paint store, AB&E continued to grow until a freestanding building became necessary. Though manned by only three employees (John, Hal, Sheryl), AB&E never departed from John’s original philosophy, “Customers deserve the best.” AB&E has grown and evolved into a much larger warehouse with far more product lines, however, our small business mentality has remained, “treat customers like we would like to be treated.”

Most important strengths and core competencies: Without question, AB&E’s number one strength is uncompromising customer service.  Customers to AB&E are more than mere numbers or figures; they are our lifeblood. Maintaining superior service requires more time, effort, and money than any other facet of business.  With a complicated automotive aftermarket, customer service, which includes product knowledge, expedient shipping, product fill-rate, immediate account corrections or enhancements, and understanding industry trends, becomes the customer’s most valuable asset.  Time is money, so neither should to be wasted.

Long term: AB&E understands that our industry is ever evolving.  There will always be new challenges on the horizon.  We are always looking for ways to enhance our service and product offerings to meet these challenges head on. Service enables a company to overcome the pressures of a competitive market.  Since AB&E is committed to excellent customer service, no matter the volume purchased or size of the company, each patron has an ally in the daily rigors of business.  We consider ourselves an extension of our patron’s service.  We aim to be more than a supplier, we deem ourselves as a partner.

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